How To Seduce Your Wife: The Very Best Approach

Step 1: Seduce Your Wife The Easy Way

When most guys are attempting to seduce their wives, they make a lot of mistakes.

Here’s how it typically works, the guy will realize that he’s in the mood and he’ll start thinking to himself, ”it would be nice to have some right now”. And then shortly after that, he’ll go up to his wife and ask her if she wants to do it.

Although I often warn my clients that this is the worst approach, in reality, it
does sometimes work.

Of course, that doesn’t make it effective. You see, the problem with the “just ask her if she wants to do it” method (that a lot of guys default to) is that the success rate is miserably low!

The worst part is over-time it subtly “brain-washes” the guy into believing that his partner is:

  • Sexually Boring
  • Not attracted to him
  • Not in love with him anymore
  • etc.

From his perspective, it will deeply feel as though she has a low sex drive.

(It’s kind of like how a not-so-funny stand-up comedian will deeply feel as though he’s in front of an audience that doesn’t have a sense of humor.)

In the guy’s case, if his wife does end up agreeing to have sex, it often leads to low enthusiasm sex.

In life, there is always a better (more evolved) way of doing things.

And when in comes to upgrading your sex life, the very best approach is to set some sort of goal.

That has to be the first thing you do!

Step 2: Declare what you want

It doesn’t have to be something specific, but you have to mentally establish what you’re looking for.

So it could be as simple as saying to yourself, “I want to have sex more often – with a higher percentage of high quality (mutually excited) sex.”

Whenever a customer  asks me, “How can I get more sex in my relationship?”, I know that he’s really asking.

He’s really asking: “How can I get more high quality (mutually excited) sex in my relationship?

Unless you’re completely inexperienced with women, you know there’s a big difference between “boring (looking at your watch) sex” and “high-energy deep-kissing (mutually-excited) sex”.

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So after you have established your goal, the next thing you want to do is shift your mindset so that from now on, you’re thinking in terms of likelihoods.

(So what does that mean?)

Well, first of all, that means you are NOT thinking in terms of:

  • Does she have a high libido or low libido?
  • Is she attracted to me or not?
  • Is she still in love with me or not?
  • Would she prefer to have sex with a different guy?

That’s how average guys think.

You’re not an average guy. You never were an average guy.

That’s why you’re going to think in terms of likelihoods.

When you think in terms of likelihoods:

  • It forces you to place the emphasis on your actions (and how they affect her) + your reaction to her (and how that affects her) and what you say to her…
  • It forces you to constantly understand THE TRUTH to getting her aroused
  • It forces you to ignore all of the “bad advice” that is all over the internet

I have conversations with clients where I am able to successfully get them to recall a time when their wives were really aroused, super horny and “starving for it”…

And the interesting thing is, the guy is then able to realize that she has the ability to get turned on…if he does things A CERTAIN WAY.

If you think in terms of ‘she has a low libido’ or ‘she hates sex’ or ‘she could care less if she has sex’, your brain will shut off.

On the other hand: If you think in terms of likelihoods, you’ll focus on the REALITY that she’s been really before – and your goal is to figure out WHAT YOU CAN DO to increase the likelihood that she’ll get horny.

(It’s kind of like how the inexperienced comedian at some point learns that if he says things A CERTAIN WAY, he’ll be perceived as funnier by the members of the knee-slapping audience.)

Let’s get to the good part…

You see, in order to seduce your wife the right way, you have to make sure you are good at a few “basic skills”.

Obviously, if you do things that have been proven to get her aroused in the past, then it will increase the success rate (i.e. it will increase the likelihood that she will sexually crave being embraced by you in a sexual way).

For example, let’s just say that you noticed that every time you watch a movie with a love story element, she ends up wanting to make passionate love.

And to put really in perspective – for the last 10 times you have watched a (perceivable corny to you) love story, he ended up getting wet and sexually aroused shortly afterward.

If that’s the case (and observation), then it would be reasonable to assume that “watching a love story” (or having a conversation about a couple you know that just fell in love)(or having a conversation about the time when you two first fell in love)(or something designed to trigger those feelings) would have a higher success rate than saying “hey do you want to do it” (which is what most guys default to).

Remember most guys (i.e. Average Guys) think about wanting sex [that's Step 1 for him] ==> And then ask he just asks 2 seconds later if she wants to do it [that's Step 2 for him].

When you do things a CERTAIN WAY (i.e. the right way)(i.e. the higher success rate way), you follow a similar process as the Average Guy, except you squeeze in a series of important steps – designed to increase the likelihood.

It looks like this:

You think about wanting sex [that's Step 1 for you] ==> And then do SOME PROCESS that “secretly/covertly” gets her super horny [that's Step 2 for you ==> And then you initiate in a smooth way [that's Step 3 for you]…

So to sum everything up:

Part 1: State your goal – either out loud or quietly to yourself (i.e. “I want more high quality sex in my relationship.”)

Part 2: Have the mindset of: [A] “Doing anything you can think of” that is going to increase the likelihood that she will have a real urge/craving for sex.

Part 3: Think of times in the past when she was turned on more so than normal. 

<< Note: You’re only doing this to remind yourself NOT to label her as having a low sex drive. It’s kind of like the angry comedian who stops labeling the “crowd” as NOT having a sense of humor.>>

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